Bela and GabiAmerican Staffordshire Terrier and Welsh Corgi Pembroke kennel "Zanavykas" was registered in 2006. The name Zanavykas is from the name of our region in Lithuania.

Now we have 2 dogs, both females, amstaff “Gabi” and corgi “Bella”. They live with us at home as the members of the family. In the future we have ambitions to broaden our kennel. I like the phrase of one owner of well-known amstaff kennel in Poland – “You can have as many dogs, as you can love”

Our knowledge about American Staffordshire Terrier started in 2001 when we got first amstaff Koltas Kolorado (sire Storytime V, dam Neda Baltijos Sroves, breeder Ausra Bruziene). He lived with us for three years. Koltas was a perfect dog, a good friend and our daughter’s game partner. When we parted after hard illness, we exactly knew that a dog of this wonderful breed will be in our home. So, in June 2005 female “Gabi” Gaja Erebus Laimės Vejas (sire Absoliut Skaudulys, dam “Era” Passionata z Rzymskich Legionow, breeder L. Graciova) came to us.

The knowledge with Welsh Corgi Pembroke was a bit strange. In one of the dog shows we saw the small dogs with big ears. We got interested in them and got acquainted with the owners and the breeders. As a result female “Bella” Akvarele Saules Kopa (sire Mapleleaf Lisiura Alex Trebek, dam Lisute Gyvates Asara, breeder Milda Jaciunskyte) began to live with us.




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